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I recently attended Teaming Labs’ “The Lion, The Mouse & The Mirror,” and highly recommend it to anyone looking to grow both personally and professionally. The course was designed to help both leaders and team members explore the concept of power openly and understand how it affects teamwork. We were equipped with practical tools and strategies to improve collaboration. 

The course was well-structured, engaging, and thought-provoking, and the facilitator created a safe and supportive environment for us to explore the concept of power. I appreciated the interactive aspect of working in small groups, which effectively nudged us to recognize and own our power and be mindful of the responsibilities that come with it.

Tia Dang

Director of Growth & Technological Wellness

PMI Houston

The Power Class on Power was a tremendously enlightening program that engaged the team and provided insight into an area we rarely think about. Understanding the nature of power dynamics in the workplace and its implications was a key takeaway from the session. The program gave us a clear understanding of how we may be blind to the nature of power and its consequences on organizational effectiveness. 

The facilitator provided clear examples and experiences that we could apply in our business and the work we do with others.I recommend this program to any organization that needs to understand and gain awareness of power dynamics, particularly at senior levels.

Julian Chapman


Forrest & Company

As a recent participant in the “Lion, the Mouse in the Mirror” course, I am thrilled to share my transformative experience. This unique course, lasting just about two hours, offered an in-depth exploration of power dynamics, drawing inspiration from the lion and the mouse.

The course began with an engaging narrative, setting the stage for a journey of self-discovery. As we delved into the intricacies of the concepts, the facilitators skillfully guided us through reflective exercises, compelling us to look into our own ‘mirrors’ and recognize our inherent strengths and vulnerabilities. This encounter with my inner ‘lion’ and ‘mouse’ was a profound moment of realization, helping me understand the complex interplay of power and humility in both personal and professional contexts.

What truly stood out was the practical application of these concepts. The course equipped me with a variety of strategies that I could immediately apply to my daily work. From navigating office politics with grace and assertiveness to understanding the importance of empathy and small acts of kindness, the lessons were invaluable. The strategies were not just theoretical; they were adaptable, relevant, and easy to integrate into everyday situations.

The most impactful takeaway for me was learning how to balance strength with sensitivity. This has not only improved my professional relationships but also enhanced my leadership style, making me more approachable and effective.

In summary, the “Lion, the Mouse in the Mirror” course was a compact, insightful, and highly practical experience. It has fundamentally changed my approach to power dynamics and has equipped me with tools that have made a significant difference in my work life. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to grow both personally and professionally.

Dr. Elwanda Bennett

Vice-President of Professional Development

PMI Houston

The Lion, Mouse and Mirror Powerclass offers a solid overview of discovering not only individual power, but how it translates into a team dynamic with specific tactics to leverage it and eliminate obstacles. The material went beyond the conceptual by allowing the team to use specific and timely examples which gave it immediate applicability. The program gets to the meat very quickly and starts offering concrete solutions to help improve your team dynamic.

Jason Legere

Director, Design and Facilitation

Forrest & Company


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