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Join us in a transformational journey designed for both leaders and team members seeking to elevate their team’s effectiveness.  

Each PowerClass is packed with actionable insights and practical PowerTools and delivered in a dynamic and virtual-live environment by one of our expert Teaming Scientists.

Intelligent Teaming Series

Four transformative, 120-minute PowerClasses

Remove key barriers to Intelligent Teaming and benefit from the diversity that exists within your team.  Embark on a four-part PowerClass series to make a real impact and build a high performance culture.  

(1) Understand Teaming Trust and its impact on Intelligent Teaming; learn calibration tools for foster a candid and curious teaming environment. (2) Identify hot sots and team dynamics limiting Intelligent Teaming; gain practical inquiry tools to unlock the wisdom underneath defiance and resistance. (3) Unlock your team’s wisdom and prioritize inclusivity with our 5-step decision-making model; ensure every voice is heard to enrich decisions.  (4) Explore the connection between power, rank, and your work environment; acquire tools to own, share and expand your range.

1 - Teaming Trust

“A Trail of Trust”

Teaming Trust is the talk of the town these days, for good reasons.  When it comes to Intelligent Teaming, creating an environment where all team members can speak freely and listen curiously is essential.  In the end, you cannot leverage what remains hidden.  But what is psychological safety, really?  (hint: it’s not everyone being ultra-nice) and how do you go about crafting such an atmosphere?  (hint: it’s not just the leader’s job)

2 - Resistance & Inquiry

“Vive la résistance!”

Ever felt like you’re trying to assemble an ‘intelligent’ team, but one member seems to have missed the memo, another has a perpetual tardiness habit, and the third seems to have a ‘no’ before ‘hello’?  Ring any bells?  To uncover the science of Intelligent Teaming, we have to look at the dynamics and the wisdom that underlie it.

3 - Teaming Decisions

“Decisions by Design”

Embracing diverse viewpoints within your team is just the beginning.  True intelligent teaming means leveraging that vibrant tapestry of ideas when making tough decisions.  Simply collecting diverse perspectives is not enough if we ultimately only push our own perspective forward, nod along with the leader, or follow the crowd during crucial moments.  Intelligent Teaming is not about creating consensus, it is about getting to the best decision together.

4 - Power Dynamics

“The Lion, The Mouse & The Mirror”

When dealing with teaming issues, we are quick to point fingers, place blame on our leaders, keep to ourselves, or focus on tasks rather than bravely discuss underlying dynamics.  Yet, here’s the scoop: most issues in teaming lead straight back to power.  Intelligent Teaming is all about knowing how to purposefully use the power of teamwork.  Yet, to do so, we first need to gain a few PowerTools.

In Person

Available only in The Netherlands

Sparring for Psychological Safety

“Sparring for Psychological Safety” is a training that uses the physical experience of boxing as a metaphor and medium in learning about psychological safety.  Participants experience a transformative journey of what they need to go from ‘unsafe’ to  ‘scary’ and to explore what holds them back from moving forward, confronting, or contributing to this change in their everyday work life.  This PowerClass invites participants to experience what makes you able to get stronger as a team, when and how to punch, when and how to receive, and what framing needs to be in place to make it safe.  Inspire and empower members to get into the ring, pick up their own gloves, and become a valuable sparring partner within their team. 

“Sparring for Psychological Safety” redefines training on this topic by leveraging movement to dive deep into the core essence of ‘psychological safety.’

Feedback Alchemy:
From Individual Insight to Team Intelligence

Ever found yourself meticulously delivering feedback, only to be met with confusion when your team member storms out? Feedback can be a labyrinth; despite our best efforts, the uncertainty of its reception makes these conversations daunting. Yet, in a world where teamwork thrives on collective construction, the ability to receive feedback openly is paramount. Without an environment that fosters feedback, there’s no room for learning, improvement, or collaborative growth. 

Enter “Feedback Alchemy,” a PowerClass not fixated on perfect delivery, but on skillfully receiving and applying feedback at both individual and team levels. Discover how feedback, when embraced collaboratively, becomes a catalyst for intelligent teaming. Emerge from “Feedback Alchemy” equipped with actionable strategies and safety tools to transform feedback into fuel for personal and team advancement. Bid farewell to feedback apprehension and embrace the power of intelligent teaming.


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