About Teaming Labs

Welcome to Teaming Labs.  That’s right, we put the -ing behind the team! At Teaming Labs, collaboration is a verb, not a noun, and teaming is seen as a science, not an art.  Let our innovative space serve as your laboratory for getting an upgrade in mastering the intricacies of intelligent teaming.

Teaming Labs is like having your own research laboratory, but instead of bubbling beakers, we’re concocting the perfect blend of skills and ideas to spark innovation and get those teaming skills bubbling!

Think of us as inventive mixologists, guiding immersive journeys into the elements and formulas behind successful teamwork.

“We can’t solve a problem by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created it.”

- Albert Einstein

Our Principles

Practical Lab Work

We don’t wear a lab-coat, but if we did, we wouldn’t wear it for nothing. We’re focused on hands-on, practical lab work. We don’t mind getting into the messy stuff and we don’t need a pat on the back for using an overdose of theoretical jargon— we offer the tools, formulas, methods, and solutions that work in the real-world laboratory of your projects.

Accessible Formulas

Our formulas aren’t hidden from view in a locked cupboard. We believe in accessible knowledge—sharing the formulas that make collaboration successful with everyone. It’s like a library of collaboration textbooks, but way more exciting!

Realistic Experiments

Say goodbye to sitting out class! Teaming Labs is about carrying out realistic experiments, taking into account the constraints and challenges of the real-world. Here, you are no passive participant, no fly on the wall. Teaming is something you learn by doing. In fact, you’re already doing it. Now let’s explore how we can finetune those skills even more. 

Evidence-Based Research

We’ve devoured countless studies, conducted extensive experiments, learned from surprising successes and brilliant failures, and distilled that knowledge into potent solutions. Yet, none of that wisdom is very useful unless it is linked to yours. In our lab, experience is the greatest teacher, we don’t just “show & tell” – we let you do it yourself.

Dynamic Reactions

Collaboration isn’t a static equation; it’s a dynamic reaction. Teaming Labs understands the changing nature of teamwork and all the dynamics that come by putting humans in the mix. Dynamic reactions provide us with a huge source of information that we can observe & explore in order to understand, adapt and refine our formulas & ingredients, so the perfect reaction for your teaming needs can be created.

Collaboration, Not Dictation

We’re not professors handing out strict instructions; think of us as your lab partners.  We collaborate, experiment together, and discover the most effective paths, all while respecting the unique conditions of your team experiment.

Our Framework - Anatomy of the Vitruvian Team

At Teaming Labs, we recognise that the best teams, that are resilient, learn quickly, and perform well, are those that function as an organism on itself.  Intelligent Teams are imbued with a heartbeat, brain, voice, body and backbone – elements that interweave to create a dynamic entity capable of growth, adaptation, and achievement far beyond individual capacities.

In this light we see Intelligent Teaming as the Anatomy of the Vitruvian Team where, more than the collection of parts, it is the integration of and connection between those parts within its environment, that determines the team’s ability to thrive.  

Intelligent Teaming makes the difference between collective knowledge and collaborative intelligence, where the individual expertise of each member is not just pooled, but amplified and built upon, leading to achievements greater than the sum of their parts.


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